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CIBR will lead the way

CIBR Medical Technology Showcase


Advances in medicine require a level of technological research that is a step above efforts of the past.
It’s time to make a commitment.
The future of medicine lies in imaging and bioengineering. Advances in imaging research continue to lead to earlier diagnoses, less painful and less invasive procedures, improvements in patient care, and cost savings. Medical imaging research brings the technology of tomorrow to the health care needs of today.
The strongest message comes from our combined efforts to support imaging research. Click here for more information.



Who we are
CIBR is the only permanent diverse coalition dedicated to
education and advocacy for imaging research funding.

CIBR facilitates consistent open dialogue
among all stakeholders of the imaging
community, and provides a conduit for
disseminating information between
academia, industry, patient groups,
and the NIH.

CIBR's Mission
Ongoing Initiatives
Advocate for consistent federal funding from Congress to the National Institutes of Health
Dramatically broaden awareness of the value of imaging and bioengineering research
Facilitate awareness and accessibility of resources containing pertinent information for Members of Congress and the imaging
            community in general